Dealer Hero 20 Groups

It’s time to climb out of your cave and make your dream a reality.

  • Are you sick of low profit margins?
  • No time to network with other dealers with the same problems?
  • In need of fresh ideas to boost your dealership sales and profits?

Join a Dealer Hero 20 Group today.

Dealer Hero 20 Groups are the easiest way to network with other dealers facing the same challenges. Network with an army of dealerships that work together to provide outstanding Customer experiences and improve dealership profitability.

20 Group Benefits

Dealer Hero Facebook 20 Groups moderated by dealer and industry veterans is a game changer for dealers that want to grow dealership profits and provide the ultimate Customer experience.

Feedback by Dealer Owners and Managers

“Price wars between the dealers in my area are getting out of control. I need a better approach because my margins suck.”

“My DSM is coming at me with a new order program and I don’t see how I can take on that much inventory right now. How are the other dealers dealing with it?”

“It is almost impossible to find the time to network with other dealers.”

“The cost and time commitment to join a traditional 20 group that costs $5,000 a year is not realistic.”

“It’s good to hear the successes that other dealerships had by implementing change. It helps me execute better.”

Powerful Interactions 

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

Members are carefully selected to ensure positive and productive interactions on an exclusive closed and private Facebook Group.

Dealer Hero Virtual 20 Groups

Member Requirements

  1. Own or manage a dealership.
  2. Dealership location in an approved region at least 100+ miles away from other members.
  3. Be active on Facebook and make contributions through meaningful interaction.

The is no cost to join, these are free of charge. Jared Burt, the founding member of Dealer Hero 20 Groups paid over $10,000 per year in fees and travel costs to be part of a traditional 20 Group as a dealer. It was a great experience, but it took a lot of time and money.

With closed Facebook Groups with the right people in the virtual room, great discussions and sharing can lead to the same results at no cost to the members.

Get in the loop! Join today by contacting Jared Burt:

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20 Group Benefits